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Our circle bags baskets are handwoven in Portugal by local artisans - made of dried palm leaves.

The prefect storage for all your personal things.

There might may be slight imperfections and variations in size because they are all handmade.

Diameter: 40cm

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Hello there!

We are two sisters with a keen eye for simple designed items, with clean lines and timeless aesthetic. Our collection of fine goods and carefully selected vintage pieces, offers you an alternative to an authentic and conscious living.
We believe that traditional skills and craftsmanships should be more preserved, Thats why our goods are made by small family businesses and local artisans.

We also share a deep passion for the old things, which last for a long time. Every piece comes with a story behind, which makes it so special and unique. Our intention is to give those things a new home and giving you the same feeling that we have when we find them - love at first sight.

Thank you for your support in our small business and enjoy shopping with us!

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Thi Luu Thuy Le-Henkens
52134 Herzogenrath

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